I should have told you sooner.

Hi. It’s been a while. I wrote a book.

This blog taught me how to write the book. I showed up here every week and put things down, little scraps of my life and my brain. Sometimes a few people read them, and sometimes a bunch of people read them, and this was satisfying to me, like the scraps had become a quilt, and the quilt was keeping someone warm. Mostly me. The quilt was keeping me warm.

For a while I didn’t imagine I’d ever stop posting, but it was hard to write a book and live a life AND post to my blog every week. Also, there was an election in November of 2016 and I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do with the scraps of my thoughts and my life anymore. I stopped writing the blog, but I kept writing the book.

I should tell you to buy the book, but I know you will if you want to.

It turns out that I genuinely enjoy talking about my book–about the process of writing it and researching it, and so I want to invite you to my (free!) virtual launch event where I get to do just that, via Zoom:

Virtual Launch: Click for tickets

Something else: a new project. I’m starting a newsletter called Pandemic Love Letters. It will be the next iteration of this blog. I’m not exactly sure what shape it will take, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be exploring middle age, a new obsession I have with self-help books, and all of the things that are bringing me comfort in this difficult era. If you’d like to see this in your inbox once a month or so, you can sign up here.


  1. I’m thrilled you’re sending us your writing again. Thank you. And, I ordered your book from Browser’s — they were out of stock and I think that’s a good sign!

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